Emergency Preparedness Committee

This Public Health Council committee (previously called the Emergency Preparedness Committee) is convened on an as-needed basis as determined by: ongoing communications between the Chair; staff from the Division of Public Health's Emergency Health Care and Preparedness Section; the statewide Public Health Advisory Committee; and Public Health Council staff.

At the January 13, 2016 Emergency Preparedness and Response Committee meeting, the members decided that they would participate as Council liaisons to the statewide Public Health Preparedness Advisory Committee. Doing so avoids duplication of efforts, fulfills the Council's statutory charge, and allows for a timely flow of information to the Public Health Council. The Committee Chair provides these updates to the Council members.

Meeting information may be obtained by sending an e-mail to: dhspcaportal@dhs.wisconsin.gov


Meeting Materials

Resolution to Address the Needs of Special Populations (PDF).